Garbage and Other Redemptive Thoughts

The discarded flotsam of Christmas past,
Once festive red and green in its brightness,
Now turned brittle brown with age, by neglect, from abuse.

The shredded score of soaring notes,
Once holding the creative dreams of genius,
Now the beat is beaten, the pitch flattened, the song unsung.

The broken fantasy of love,
Once smiling families, consumed and corrupted
Now by hate-filled, hell-filled, horror-filled hearts.

The powerful touch of gentle, loving Hands
Once nail-pierced, still scarred,
Now working tirelessly to reclaim, transform, restore
[As only He can]

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“WHITE-WATER” A Writer Contemplates

White Water

The River raged before me
        Sharp in its swiftness:
                Jagged rocks, White foam.
Tentative, from shore,
        I pondered the craft I would enter:
                Feeble shelter, imperfect home.
What right had I
        To think that I could challenge
                This gauntlet, nature raw.
Others might…
        Their skill a galleon,
                Bearing up, not to fall.
So here I stand precarious
        Poised on danger:
                Wet toes, cold heart;
Afraid of
        The very vessel I had crafted:
                Do I dare? Do I start?

        Words, they are my vessel:
                Invisible, unsure.
Dare I launch them
        On the River?
                Will they float? Will they endure?

By rd wilson

[Written spontaneously as an exercise in a poetry class,
Christian writers’ conference, 10/6/97]

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C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S. from Hebrews 1

Hebrew 1:2-6 says Jesus Christ is:

Creator of the Worlds
Heir of All Things
Resplendence of God’s Glory
Image of God’s Substance
Sustainer of All Things
More Excellent Than Angels
Angels Worship Him
Son of God


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The Book Signing Was GREAT!

Book Signing at FBCM Heavenbound Media Center

Thanks to everyone who came out!

It was great to meet with old friends and to make some new ones.

I even got a promise of a blog review of both novels from one of my attendees!

I still have some paperbacks left, if anyone missed the event, but still wants a signed copy.

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Check Out My Updated Web Site!

Please check out my newly updated web site which has links to my novels and free sample chapters.

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BOOK SIGNING Saturday 12/4

I will have my first book signing at the Heavenbound Media Center, located in the First Baptist Church of Middleburg, FL, on Saturday, December 4th, between 11 AM and 1 PM.

Both my novels, “Earth -The Arena #1: THE PLAYERS” [Sci-Fi] and “The Dragon’s Back #1: THE POISON OF THORNS” [Fantasy] will be available at a discounted rate of $1 off of the regular $14.75 cover price.

On top of that, if you buy a copy of both, it will only cost you $25.00 instead of $27.50. [A savings of $4.50 off the regular Amazon price!]

These Novels with a Message will make GREAT Christmas Gifts to your reading friends [or to yourself!] Hope to see you there!


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Paperbacks Now Available #2

THE PLAYERS: Earth – The Arena #1
Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic. $14.75
is now available as a paperback and can be ordered online though CreatSpace [an Amazon company].


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Paperbacks Now Available

Both of my novels are now available "The Dragon's Back #1: THE POISON OF THORNS"
as paperbacks though a partner
company of

THE POISON OF THORNS: The Dragon’s Back #1
Fantasy/Spiritual Warfare



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“The Poison of Thorns” — KINDLE

THE POISON OF THORNS: The Dragon’s Back #1“, my Fantasy/ Spiritual Warfare novel, released as an e-book for Amazon’s Kindle reader yesterday. It can be purchased for $4.95 by clicking on the book name above.

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Most of you probably know this, but two of my novels are now available as e-books via Barnes & Nobel.
What you may not know is that sometime next Tuesday [11/9] they will also become available as paperback though and
E-book sales so far are slow but steady. It seems that “The Dragon’s Back, The Poison of Thorns” is the better seller of the two. I have a bunch of people who have told me they are just waiting for the paperback books to be issued.

There are three promotional events that will be happening shortly which should also boost my sales:

  1. Kent Holloway [Christian author and publisher from St Augustine] will be interviewing me on his writer’s blog sometime within the next couple of weeks. He has a large following on the web, so this is a great opportunity. Here’s the link to Kent’s blog:
  2. The president of MV Transportation, the large corporation I work for, wants me interviewed concerning being published for the December issue of our monthly on-line & in-print corporate magazine, “MV In Motion”. We are a very large company spread across the USA and into Canada. This article has the potential of being read of thousands of people.
  3. It is about 85% certain that I will be having my first book signing at First Baptist of Middleburg’s Heaven-Bound Media Center on the first Saturday in December. Detail to follow as they get firmed up.

Here are the links to the novels:
“The Dragon’s Back # 1: THE POISON OF THORNS” [Fantasy]:
e-book:       $ 4.95
Paperback: $14.75
“Earth – the Arena # 1: THE PLAYERS” [Science Fiction]:
e-book:       $ 4.95
Paperback: $14.75

 If any of you have read either of the novels, please consider writing an online review for me as these really help promote sales. The e-book pages can receive reviews now. Reviewing on the paperback sites should be activated sometime on Tuesday.


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