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 I know that my previous entry is a repost of the same poem from April 23rd, but it contains more of the backstory behind this post, which also arose from my time in the GriefShare sessions. This poem deals with characters … Continue reading

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Triggers & Tripwires

Last evening a random thought about a campfire released, after 6 years, my grief for my father [we had spent much time camping when I was a child]. The Lord nudged my muse and let me know that I needed … Continue reading

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 PHANTOM HARVEST [Thoughts on the Will of God] To worry and stew ‘Bout a different you And not work with what you have now, Is to dream while you sleep Of the harvest you’ll reap When you’ve never put your … Continue reading

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My BIBLE [a simplistic acrostic poem]

Biblical Inspiration Births Life Everlasting Biblical Input Builds Lasting Encouragement Biblical Insight Becomes Life’s Enlightenment Biblical Instruction Bequeaths Legacy’s Endurance But I Block Latent Efficacy By Increasingly Being Lazy, Egotistical Bring Interventive Blessing, Lord Everlasting Blessed, I Bind Lasting Engagement

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Garbage and Other Redemptive Thoughts

Garbage: The discarded flotsam of Christmas past, Once festive red and green in its brightness, Now turned brittle brown with age, by neglect, from abuse. Unwanted. Garbage: The shredded score of soaring notes, Once holding the creative dreams of genius, … Continue reading

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