Most of you probably know this, but two of my novels are now available as e-books via Barnes & Nobel.
What you may not know is that sometime next Tuesday [11/9] they will also become available as paperback though and
E-book sales so far are slow but steady. It seems that “The Dragon’s Back, The Poison of Thorns” is the better seller of the two. I have a bunch of people who have told me they are just waiting for the paperback books to be issued.

There are three promotional events that will be happening shortly which should also boost my sales:

  1. Kent Holloway [Christian author and publisher from St Augustine] will be interviewing me on his writer’s blog sometime within the next couple of weeks. He has a large following on the web, so this is a great opportunity. Here’s the link to Kent’s blog:
  2. The president of MV Transportation, the large corporation I work for, wants me interviewed concerning being published for the December issue of our monthly on-line & in-print corporate magazine, “MV In Motion”. We are a very large company spread across the USA and into Canada. This article has the potential of being read of thousands of people.
  3. It is about 85% certain that I will be having my first book signing at First Baptist of Middleburg’s Heaven-Bound Media Center on the first Saturday in December. Detail to follow as they get firmed up.

Here are the links to the novels:
“The Dragon’s Back # 1: THE POISON OF THORNS” [Fantasy]:
e-book:       $ 4.95
Paperback: $14.75
“Earth – the Arena # 1: THE PLAYERS” [Science Fiction]:
e-book:       $ 4.95
Paperback: $14.75

 If any of you have read either of the novels, please consider writing an online review for me as these really help promote sales. The e-book pages can receive reviews now. Reviewing on the paperback sites should be activated sometime on Tuesday.



About Robert Dennis Wilson

Author, Poet, Avid Reader, Scroll Saw Artist, & Singer-Songwriter. Telecommuting programmer/report writer by day.
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