My First Novel!

Earth -The Arena #1: THE PLAYERS
by Robert Dennis Wilson


My first novel has just gone on sale as an
e-book from B&N and can be ordered for
$4.95 using this link:
Earth – the Arena # 1: THE PLAYERS

Want to know what this Sci-Fi novel’s about?
Read on…

Earth – The Arena #1: THE PLAYERS”  by Robert Dennis Wilson, is Science Fiction action/adventure carried along by a white-water current of Spiritual Warfare and apocalyptic events.

 Professor Horace Thompson and his team have just successfully completed a world-changing experiment in the newly legitimized science of Parapsychology. Using electronic devices that boost the weak telepathic signals of the human mind, they successfully communicated thoughts over a distance of fifty-six miles.

Suddenly and unexpectedly their world changes even more. Their experiment opens up a crack between dimensions and the form of a huge god-like alien temporarily materializes in front of them.  Before he disappears, this apparently peaceful being informs them that his advanced race, the “Teachers”, desires to not only once again assist mankind, as they have in the ancient past, but to also support them against their common interdimensional enemy.

Like a surfer launched forward on the cutting edge of a tsunami, the proven intuitive and ESP abilities of graduate student, David Andrizzo, drive him on a wild ride into the eyes and hearts of the public. He is propelled into a leading role in research in the science of Parapsychology. He willingly tumbles into the arms and psyche of a beautiful like-powered woman. His destiny also thrusts him, with much hesitation, into the trusted position of liaison between humanity and the alien race of the Teachers, who remain locked behind a mysterious dimensional barrier.

 What does it all mean? Two ancient and diametrically opposed alien civilizations have for millennia chosen the planet Earth to be the ideological arena where they confront each other. One side champions Law and a society based on unchanging Absolutes; the other promotes Liberty, License, and Free Choice.  Throughout the ages of Man, we, like unsuspecting pieces on a chess board, have been chosen to be the PLAYERS in their deadly game. Wars, disasters, plagues, and even the rise and fall of human cultures have all felt the effects of the hidden manipulations of these super-human forces. But a change is taking place, one which will force every inhabitant of Earth to choose active membership in one side or the other. The alien Overlords are suddenly moving out of the shadows and our planet is about to become the devastated battleground – the Arena – where they will openly face each other in final and ultimate conflict. And God help the human who gets in their way or who chooses the wrong side!

This Sci-Fi novel garnered the “Alpha Award” (presented to a new author of fiction) at the large Sandy Cove Christian Writers Conference in Northeast, Maryland.

“Earth – The Arena #1: THE PLAYERS” by Robert Dennis Wilson can be read on a B&N Nook reader or via a free B&N app for your PC,  iPad, iPhone, Droid, etc.. A link to the Nook emulators is on the Novel’s B&N product page.

The cover for this novel was designed by graphic artist Julie Grace and is entitled, “Entering the Dreamscape”. Her work can be viewed and purchased from either:
Fine Art America:
or Grace Art & Gifts:


About Robert Dennis Wilson

Author, Poet, Avid Reader, Scroll Saw Artist, & Singer-Songwriter. Telecommuting programmer/report writer by day.
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