I know that my previous entry is a repost of the same poem from April 23rd, but it contains more of the backstory behind this post, which also arose from my time in the GriefShare sessions. This poem deals with characters from one of my novels and the frustration, denial, and sorely tested faith that unexpected or “senseless” death can heap upon those who survive.

WARNING: Contains spoilers concerning the Dragonsback Trilogy, book #2. Also, the references are tailored according to the culture of that land and will only find true meaning in that context.

 by Robert Dennis Wilson

Taken from the future third novel of my Christian Fantasy Trilogy,
SHOSHANNAH’S SONG: The Dragon’s Back #3
From Jason’s perspective: his attempt to deal with the death of Nathan
& so many other Swimmers at the end of Dragonsback #2.
Partially based on verses from Psalms 42 & 43.

 Why does Death surround us, like this land by endless Sea?
These circling clouds now hide Your face in dark obscurity.
So many we loved have fallen, struck down by an evil hand:
Their lifeblood stains the Dragon’s Back, and terror fills this land!
And virtue dies a thousand deaths; its victims hide in shame;
For we had thought You were our shield, we trusted in Your Name!
But hope’s been crushed beneath this weight, as though the Dragon’s head
Had crashed its monstrous mountains down: Your chosen ones are dead!
            Though the Dragon thorn-pierce our hearts or his poison River may raise,
            Why are you so cast down, my soul? Some day again I’ll praise
            The One who promised to lift me up, before Him then I’ll bow;
            And then again I’ll sing His praise: some future day, not now.

 In just one day our sun has set; we despair to see it rise,
When those who filled our hearts with joy, can no longer fill our eyes!
Why are we here, when they are gone? Was this just chance or fate?
Gladly we’d replace them all on that altar forged by hate!
But here we kneel, as empty shells, bereft, alone, apart —
We have escaped the bloody sword, but it sacrificed our heart!
We know You Knew, but did not act, and knowing this we cry;
And cannot understand Your choice. We cannot fathom Why!
            Though the Dragon thorn-pierce our hearts or his poison River may raise,
            Why are you so cast down, my soul? Some day again I’ll praise
            The One who promised to lift me up, before Him then I’ll bow;
            And then again I’ll sing His praise: some future day, not now.

Like the deer in desert places pants for relief, so I’m seeking You!
My soul longs for the Living One; with burning thirst I seek your dew!
Why have you cast us off, Oh Lord? Why do we mourn this day?
Send out Your Light and Your Truth, let them guide us in Your Way!
We have heard with our own ears, for our fathers told the tale;
What You accomplished in their day, how you worked and did not fail:
So we will choose to trust You still, though we are numb with pain;
We are your blood-bought children yet, and so we still remain.
            Though the Dragon thorn-pierce our hearts or his poison River may raise,
            Why are you so cast down, my soul? Some day again I’ll praise
            The One who promised to lift me up, before Him then I’ll bow;
            And then again I’ll sing His praise: some future day, not now.

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Triggers and Tripwires


As part of my research to accurately deal with GRIEF in the third novel of “The Dragon’s Back” Christian Fantasy Trilogy, I attended the 13 week GriefShare sessions held at my church. It turned out that I needed the healing they provided more than I ever imagined. In the twelth session I was suddenly struck by a random thought about my Dad & I [he went Home to be wiith the Lord in 2005] sitting around a campfire – and I spent the next half hour pouring out liquid emotions I did not even know I had been holding. As a result of that and the combined program, I am now strongly feeling shared grief with any “real” [in contrast to fictional] mourning people I encounter. God is slowly transforming me into a more sensitive Christian man — and though this is not what I sought for in this time of learning, it is defintely the lesson HE wanted me to learn.

The night that I cried over the loss of my Dad, I went home and wrote the poem posted below, It will eventually be a part of Dragonsback #3. I have posted this on Facebook and have received lots of positive response, for it seems to strike a familiar chord in many hearts that have been touched like mine. Please feel free to copy and distribute the unaltered jpg image to those who might benefit from its message.



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Scrutiny and Responsibilty

Amazed/humbled to learn that 8,113 e-copies of my novel, “THE PLAYERS: Earth -The Arena #1” were downloaded during the Free Promo on Amazon [5/26 – 5/28].

Combined with the 6,000 copies of “THE POISON OF THORNS: The Dragon’s Back #1” that were downloaded the beginning of this month, that means that over Fourteen Thousand copies of my novels now have the potential of making an impact for the Kingdom of God!

♥ Friends, PLEASE PRAY that our Creator God would use these to His glory and that our enemy would not hide the Spiritual Warfare message in both novels! ♥

Also, I would request that you also pray for me, the messenger; I am suddenly feeling the weight of greater scrutiny and responsibilty – responsibility not FROM but FOR my readers – but even more, scrutiny from HIM who holds my destiny in His Hands. “Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” [James 3:1 ESV]
Image  Image

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Talking to My Characters

As an author I sometimes have debates with my [FICTIONAL] characters:
Me: “Hey, guess what I’m about to throw at you! This is what you’re going to do…”
Character: “Are you crazy? that’s not how I would respond to that situation!”
Me: “But I’m the writer! I’m in charge and I get to decide…”
Character [interrupting]: “Dream on! We only let you think that so you keep writing! But seriously, concerning what you were about to do to me? Put someone else in that scene. I’m outta here!”
Me: “What???”

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FREE EBOOK 5-26 to 5-28

ONE DAY LEFT [5/28/12]
Best Selling e-book [Sci-Fi / Spiritual Warfare/ Apocalyptic ]

Best Seller

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Thanks to all who helped! I actually made it onto the Amazon Best Seller list for “Relgious Science Fiction and Fantasy” and have been in the top 20 since last week when the giveaway happened!

By the way, nearly 6,000 e-book copies were given away and subsequently nearly 70 sold in this last week! Praise the Lord!

♥ Please PRAY for the seed that has been sown! ♥

5/4/2012 3:15 PM
$.99 ~ Rated 4.2/5

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Triggers & Tripwires

Last evening a random thought about a campfire released, after 6 years, my grief for my father [we had spent much time camping when I was a child]. The Lord nudged my muse and let me know that I needed to write about this – and that this would be another insight to add to my latest novel.

This is my offering to you, my friends, who are traveling somewhere on that difficult journey called “Grief”!

"Triggers & Tripwires"

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[Thoughts on the Will of God]

To worry and stew
‘Bout a different you
And not work with what you have now,
Is to dream while you sleep
Of the harvest you’ll reap
When you’ve never put your hand on the plow.
No contentment you’ll find
In your wandering mind,
You’ll just struggle ‘gainst how life’s been slanted;
You’ll find no place that’s fair,
Find no peace anywhere,
‘Till you learn to bloom where you’re planted!
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My BIBLE [a simplistic acrostic poem]









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Great Review!

Author Ashley Wintters [pen name = “Ashley Dawn”] has written a great review for my Sci-Fi novel, “THE PLAYERS: Earth – The Arena, Book 1“.

Please check it out on her blog, Ashley’s Bookshelf.

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